The Green Lights is an annual exhibition hosted by the graduating fine art students of Minerva Art Academy. It serves not only as an assessment during which the students aim to get their ‘green light’ to graduate, but as an opportunity to independently create a public exhibition. Faced with the challenge of bringing together 55 unique practices, we’ve based this year’s Green Lights around the Art Spectrum, a compass navigating different positions, approaches and cultures within the fine arts. Where do we stand? What does it stand for? These are the questions we raise rather than answer as we try to materialise the complex and diverse ecosystem of the art culture.

The Art Compass is based on the well know political compass, as it provides four extreme artistic positions as the boarders of the fluid space in between. On the horizontal axis the attitude of the artist toward their practice is defined as between craft and concept. These two well known and often scrutinised labels have in this case a more suggestive nature, indicating whether the concept, idea, message is prioritised over the technique, medium, skill or vice versa. The vertical axis defines the position of the artist towards the art world. From the white cube, gallery culture and the art market making up the inside, to alternative non-art spaces and practices challenging the boarders of art from the outside, the artists occupy positions based on how much they conform to or rebel towards the established art institution.

The interaction of the axis creates four areas - inside concept, outside concept, outside craft and inside craft - each representing an artistic subculture in which specific values, opinions, movements and artworks exist.

Although seemingly opposite, the two directions of each axis are more often than not intertwined, and so the artist might assume different positions along the axis at different times, in relation to different works, or they might assume a wide area of the spectrum within which their practice exists.




Due to the current circumstances, the physical exhibition will not be open to the public. In our digital tour, you can "walk through the space" and observe the works through the lens of a 360' camera.


Throughout the week, a number of events will be streamed on the greenlights.live website and our twitch channel. See the stream and schedule down below:




Farida Sultan
Anna Overdijk
Amer Alwahibi
Ra’fat Ali
Robert Ronquillo
Paola Quiñonez
Eva van Pagée
Berdien Koekkoek
Marijke Klamer
Liza De Jong
Roza Kootstra
Max Pender
Till Schönwetter
Helena Baumane
Kaan Yeter
Tomi Boca
S.R. Niekoop
Chai Malin
Erika Schneider Buchanan
Grace Bush
Hugo Tekstra
Gena Kalina Schneider
Daniel Alsina Santos
Nicole Kuiper
Sara Postolle
Mila Jankovic
Montserrat Camargo
Eliisa Loukola
Jo Wu
Reinout Velleman
Polina Shuvalova
Morgan Ton
Bad Artist
Desiree Uuldriks
Domantas Grigaitis
Jolien van der Beek
Karolina Gorzenska
Layla May Arthur
Lieve van Meegen
Pan Vanitcharoenthum
Leah Kilian
Karin Groenewoud
Roslyn Schwengle
Wolf Hemmen
Albert Matthews Duggan
Miru Park
Melanie Stinigută
Annet Allers
Rachel Doherty
Jascha vom Ende
Eleni Michaelidou
Bilal Noon
Thao Do